Mobile Food Service Vendor Sought for Wickham Park 

Brevard County Parks and Recreation (BCPR) – South Area Operations is seeking a mobile food concessionaire to operate at Wickham Park, 2500 Parkway Drive, Melbourne, FL 32935. This concessionaire will offer food items for sale to the general public such as snacks, drinks, hot dogs, burgers, pizza, ice cream, frozen treats, and/or other similar concession items*. Wickham Park is open to patrons from dawn to dusk seven days a week. The vendor must be mobile, no overnight setup within the park will be permitted. 

If you would like to be considered, you must submit the following in writing to Brevard County Parks and Recreation-South Area (mail to 1515 Sarno Road Building A Melbourne, Florida 32935 or email submissions accepted):

1. A written introduction about you and your business with all details of your operation. Include photos of your operation, equipment, vehicles and products.

2. Copy of your menu with pricing and intended hours of operation

3. Copy of current occupational state and county business licenses, health department permits, and insurance certificate naming Brevard County as additional insured (insurance must include sexual abuse and molestation coverage).

4. Copy of mobile vehicle insurance and Florida drivers license.

5. FL Dept of Revenue DR-11 & DR-13

6. Brevard County Tax Receipt (BTR)

7. A City of Melbourne mobile food concessionaire permit

A contract will be awarded based on the following: variety of menu items, cost of menu items, the amount of your proposed lease payment to the county, current valid licenses, certificates and permits, flexibility and dependability in meeting the public demand, and the completeness of the written introduction. Water, sewage, and electricity will not be provided by Brevard County Parks and Recreation. You must also include a statement that you will be able to operate at this location without the use of Styrofoam containers.

The lease payment to the county will be a flat rate per month payable to Brevard County Parks and Recreation South Area and will be agreed upon before a vendor is officially approved. Monthly payments will be due on the 1st business day of every month. Applicants must provide us with their own written proposal for the monthly rate as a starting point of discussion. A copy of a current insurance certificate will be required when the bid is awarded naming Brevard County as additional insured. The concessionaire and all employees/volunteers will be subject to a high level (level I) background check per Brevard County AO-26, Background Investigation.

All responses must be received at South Area Parks Operations by close of business on June 5, 2020 and include all the required documentation named above.

* Certain items that are difficult to clean or remove or may cause injury are not acceptable such as gum, sunflower seeds, and glass container items. The selected concessionaire must not use Styrofoam products to serve food/beverage.

Contact Rob Salazar, 321-255-4400, if you have any questions.

Source: Brevard County, Florida

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