Stetson University Launches 21 New Online Professional Development Courses

PaCE Expands Course Catalog In Support Of Current Workforce Needs

In a constantly evolving business world, continuing
education provides professionals with a chance to learn new skills, boost their expertise and be
competitive in today’s job market.

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The Professional and Corporate Education (PaCE) program at Stetson University is responding to corporate personnel training needs during the COVID-19 pandemic by offering 21 online professional development courses at the end of May.

“Workforce skills are becoming outdated at an increasing pace in a rapidly advancing work environment,” said Bud Hanson, MBA, executive director of PaCE. “Whether they’re a recent graduate or have been in a position for several years, employees constantly need to upskill and reskill to stay relevant and proficient.” 

“Professional development courses are now in high demand as workers may be displaced and rethinking their careers and seek to expand their capabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic,”added Hanson. “PaCE is responding to the need by launching 21 online courses.”

Bud Hanson, MBA

“Workforce skills are becoming outdated at an increasing pace in a rapidly advancing work environment,”

PaCE’s professional education programs teach highly desired skills that are necessary in the work place and for career advancement. The new courses will be offered in partnership with digital course ware company MindEdge along with faculty-led programs and workshops that are planned for Fall 2020.

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New Courses Offered

The School of Business Administration is relaunching its PaCE program with new classes as well as providing working adults with an opportunity to sharpen their skill set by taking self paced, noncredit online courses. Offerings include communication, cyber security, digital marketing, leadership and project management. Students will receive a certificate of completion,or professional development or continuing education unit relevant to their field after fulfilling their course obligations. 

About Stetson University: Founded in 1883, Stetson University is the oldest private university in Central Florida. Stetson focuses on intense learning experiences in a supportive community that allows students to develop their voice in a connected, inclusive environment. Stetson University ranks No. 5 on U.S. News & World Report’s 2019 list of Best Regional Universities(South), and has been recognized as one of The Princeton Review’s 385 Best Colleges, 2020 edition. Stay connected with Stetson on social media.

Source: Stetson University

Volusia County Mosquito Control Will Hold Two Tire Amnesty Events To Help Reduce Pesky Insect Population

With mosquito season in full swing, Volusia County is ramping up efforts to combat these pesky insects. Ongoing efforts to reduce mosquito populations include eliminating containers where mosquitoes lay eggs, with old tires being a common culprit. Volusia County Mosquito Control will hold two tire amnesty events on Friday, Oct. 9.

Duke Energy Grants Benefit Florida Natural Resources And Species Conservation

The Duke Energy Foundation has awarded nearly $355,000 to 10 nonprofits committed to protecting and restoring Florida’s natural resources. The grants will fund programs that protect and rehabilitate Florida wildlife, as well as conserve and restore native habitats. The grants also support environmental education and help preserve Florida’s natural resources, including its waterways.

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