Orange County’s Small Business Grant Program Will Distribute Over $72 Million To Orange County Businesses

Orange County to Distribute Federal CARES Act Funding in Response to COVID-19 Pandemic: Urges Small Businesses and Residents to Prepare Required Documents

Orange County Government has received $243.2 million in Federal CARES Act funding. The County’s Small Business Grant Program will distribute $72.9 million of that to approximately 6,500 small businesses ($10,000 per business) to help them overcome the temporary loss of revenue due to COVID-19.

In addition, $72.9 million of those funds are earmarked to help residents. Approximately $36.5 million have been allocated for Orange County’s Individual and Family Assistance Program, which will provide a one-time payment of $1,000 per household for residents affected by COVID-19. Funds for this program will assist residents to bridge financial gaps for overdue rent, mortgage, medical or an eligible utility expense. Another $36.5 million have been allocated for expanded funding for Orange County’s partner social-service organizations.

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Information Online

Information is now available online for small businesses and residents at The application for the Small Business Grant Program and the Individual and Family Assistance Program will open June 8, 2020.

The County is recommending that small businesses and residents review the eligibility criteria and prepare their documents now so they are ready to apply come June 8.

“We’re urging small businesses and residents to prepare now so they can get their applications submitted in a timely manner,” said Orange County Mayor Jerry L. Demings. “These funding amounts were broken down to help as many residents and businesses as possible during this challenging time.”

As a result of the Orange County Board of County Commissioners’ philosophy to work with local governments to reach and assist as many residents as possible, funding is open to all residents and small businesses located within the boundaries of Orange County, not just unincorporated Orange County.

The breakdown of funding is as follows:

Small Business Financial Assistance: $72.9 million

Social Services and Community Needs: $72.9 million

OC Public Safety and Health Expenditures: $48.6 million

Municipality and Constitutional Officer Expenditures: $24.3 million

Replenishment Account: $24.5 million

For more information on eligibility criteria and required documents, visit If you are unable to access the Internet or have a language barrier, please call Orange County’s 3-1-1 call system for assistance.

About Orange County Government: Orange County Government strives to serve its residents and guests with integrity, honesty, fairness and professionalism. Located in Central Florida, Orange County includes 13 municipalities and is home to world-famous theme parks, the nation’s second-largest convention center, and a thriving life science research park. Seven elected members make up the Board of County Commissioners including the Mayor who is elected countywide. For more information please visit or go to the Orange County Facebook and Twitter pages.

Source: Orange County, Florida

Volusia County Mosquito Control Will Hold Two Tire Amnesty Events To Help Reduce Pesky Insect Population

With mosquito season in full swing, Volusia County is ramping up efforts to combat these pesky insects. Ongoing efforts to reduce mosquito populations include eliminating containers where mosquitoes lay eggs, with old tires being a common culprit. Volusia County Mosquito Control will hold two tire amnesty events on Friday, Oct. 9.

Duke Energy Grants Benefit Florida Natural Resources And Species Conservation

The Duke Energy Foundation has awarded nearly $355,000 to 10 nonprofits committed to protecting and restoring Florida’s natural resources. The grants will fund programs that protect and rehabilitate Florida wildlife, as well as conserve and restore native habitats. The grants also support environmental education and help preserve Florida’s natural resources, including its waterways.

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