Orange County Distributing Free Sand Bags For Hurricane Season

In an effort to prepare for the peak of hurricane season, Orange County Government is hosting a free self-serve sandbag program for residents at five Orange County Park locations starting July 16 through July 30, 2020. The program is free and open to all County residents. Detailed information is available at

Each household will also receive a packet of free face masks and hand sanitizer along with the sandbags.

Individuals who visit the park locations for the sandbag program are required to wear a facial covering consistent with CDC guidelines and the County’s Executive Order.  Residents need to bring their own shovel or filling tool.

“Orange County is providing sandbags so our communities can prepare today for a safer tomorrow,” said, Division Chief Lauraleigh Avery, Orange County Emergency Manager, Fire Rescue Department

Supplies will be provided including bags and sand. A “how-to” instructional sheet will be handed out with information on how to fill, store and dispose of sandbags.

Residents will need to show proof of residency, such as a driver’s license, and are typically allowed 10 sandbags per household. Supplies are limited, and sandbags will be available for filling on a first-come, first-served basis.

One of the most effective tools for reducing water intrusion in your home during a hurricane, sandbags will not stop water from entering your home entirely, but they will drastically reduce the amount of water that gets through a door. They will not, however, do anything to stop the intense water that comes with storm surge.

“Our goal is to provide residents with tools to create a safer personal and property environment during a time of possible weather impacts.  The distribution of these sandbags and face masks will allow for each of us to do our part and be safer, stronger, together,” said Ralphetta Aker, manager of Orange County’s Fiscal & Operational Support at Public Works.

The park sites are: Barnett ParkDowney ParkBithlo Community ParkMeadow Woods Recreation Center/Meadow Woods Park and West Orange Recreational Complex. All sites will be open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Sunday, except West Orange Recreational Complex, which has limited hours on Sunday (1-8 p.m.). These locations will close if there is inclement weather, so do not wait until the last minute because there may be long wait lines.

Visit Orange TV’s YouTube channel for a tutorial demonstration on how to use sandbags, and go to for additional information.

Source: Orange County, Florida

Images – video courtesy Orange County, Florida


Volusia County Mosquito Control Will Hold Two Tire Amnesty Events To Help Reduce Pesky Insect Population

With mosquito season in full swing, Volusia County is ramping up efforts to combat these pesky insects. Ongoing efforts to reduce mosquito populations include eliminating containers where mosquitoes lay eggs, with old tires being a common culprit. Volusia County Mosquito Control will hold two tire amnesty events on Friday, Oct. 9.

Duke Energy Grants Benefit Florida Natural Resources And Species Conservation

The Duke Energy Foundation has awarded nearly $355,000 to 10 nonprofits committed to protecting and restoring Florida’s natural resources. The grants will fund programs that protect and rehabilitate Florida wildlife, as well as conserve and restore native habitats. The grants also support environmental education and help preserve Florida’s natural resources, including its waterways.

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