Florida Colleges Launch A Gateway For Employers To Register Once And Post Jobs To Reach All Colleges For Free!

Florida employers seeking job-ready talent now have a FREE resource to post jobs: the Florida Colleges Jobs Consortium website, powered by College Central Network, Inc. (CCN).

The Florida Colleges Jobs Consortium removes barriers and connects job seekers educated and trained at Florida’s community colleges with local employers, simplifying the in-state hiring process. Posting jobs here makes Florida stronger!

The website (https://CollegeCentral.com/flcjobs) makes it both FREE and easy for all employers—large and small, public and private—to register just once and then post an unlimited number of jobs to Florida’s state colleges, community colleges and technical college students and alumni! This is an extraordinarily useful resource for employers hiring in today’s climate, even with temporarily closed or restricted campuses, and students accessing career services from home.

Employers posting jobs today can simultaneously reach tens of thousands of job seekers from Atlantic Technical College, Broward College, Cape Coral Technical College, Florida SouthWestern State College, Fort Myers Technical College, Hillsborough Community College, Indian River State College, Lake Technical College, Lake-Sumter State College, Lively Technical College, Lorenzo Walker Technical College, McFatter Technical College, Sheridan Technical College, South Florida State College, Southeastern College, and St. Johns River State College.

According to Fortin Jean-Pierre, District Director, Career Services, at Broward College, named one of the Top Ten Community Colleges in the Nation by the Aspen Institute, “The new Florida Colleges Jobs Consortium will make it very easy for employers to register once, post as many jobs as they wish, and reach qualified job candidates across Florida.”

Carmen Kimpson, Manager, Career Resource Center, Brandon Campus at Hillsborough Community College stated, “Employers often have job opportunities at multiple locations across the state. Formerly, there were no simple solutions. But now, the Consortium offers a user-friendly, streamlined resource to access top talent with a single registration. Our graduates have the skills Florida employers need and they’re ready and willing to move directly into the workforce.”

Steven Perry, Employment Service Specialist, McFatter Technical College, said, “Florida’s emerging technically trained workforce is funded by Floridians to specifically meet the state’s needs. And now, they finally have an easy path for our state’s employers to hire and retain local community and technical college talent!”

George Brownett, Career Transitions Specialist at St. Johns River State College added, “The power of our Consortium’s combined undergraduate reach in Florida is massive and it will continue to expand as additional colleges join in. The Consortium will deliver our state’s employers a diverse mix of students and alumni that are highly skilled and motivated to jump right into our workforce!”

Scott Schnappauf, Career Advisor, Lorenzo Walker Technical College stated, “The majority of our graduates are hired in-state and our Consortium’s colleges focus on providing the skills needed for them to move directly into the workforce. We also reskill adults in Florida to re-enter the workforce and add value to our state.”

“Our Consortium’s colleges provide great value and contribute directly to Florida’s economic growth,” stated Robert Hampton, Director, Career Development, South Florida State College. “We’re all excited about the potential of the Consortium and expect many employers to take advantage of it!”

According to Joy Miller, CCN’s Career Services Central® (CSC) National Sales Manager, “The Consortium is launching at a time when employers need to target timely job postings in response to COVID-19 and now, business reopenings. Organizations are looking to hire college students and alumni willing and able to jump in to meet their state’s, regions’, or cities’ specific hiring conditions. Florida’s community and technical colleges are well positioned to help their state’s economy rebound fast and to quickly fill the state’s hiring needs in an era of rapid economic and technological change.”

College Central Network connects employers with qualified emerging talent candidates. More than one million employers have already registered to utilize the Network to post jobs and recruit students and alumni for entry-level jobs. (PRNewsfoto/College Central Network, Inc.)

CCN’s Career Services Central® is the exclusive online career office management platform for career centers at all schools participating in the Consortium. Joy Miller sums it up: “Community and technical colleges can have a great impact on the state’s economy. The Florida Colleges Jobs Consortium website allows employers to easily recruit the state’s home-grown entry-level talent by removing as many barriers as possible and simplifying the hiring process. This is especially critical given the added current complications of closed campuses and remote learning.”

Statistics show that approximately 430,000 students attend Florida state, community, and technical colleges.*

About College Central Network®

Founded in 1997, College Central Network (CCN) has over 23 years of experience connecting employers with qualified emerging talent candidates. More than one million employers have already registered to utilize the Network to post jobs and recruit students and alumni for entry-level jobs.

CollegeCentral.com is absolutely free for any student enrolled at a U.S. college; alumnus/a of a U.S. college; community resident taking classes at a U.S. college; or student attending one of our partner high schools. To learn more, visit: CollegeCentral.com.

About Career Services Central®

Career Services Central (CSC) is CCN’s intuitive and affordable career office management platform that works on any device and is trusted by hundreds of institutions and organizations across the U.S.

Thousands of career professionals use CSC daily to manage the entire career process for students, alumni, and community residents attending CSC-powered institutions, including appointments, career advice and job searching, résumés, career portfolios, experiential learning, on-campus recruiting, career events, and job fairs. To learn more, visit: CareerServicesCentral.com

SOURCE College Central Network

NEW YORK, Aug. 13, 2020 /PRNewswire


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