Orlando Magic “Better Together” To Raise Funds For Project Life And Second Harvest Food Bank

The Orlando Magic and AdventHealth are teaming up to assist food insecure families in Central Florida and will offer the “Better Together” COVID-19 relief bundle presented by AdventHealth, which includes a Jonathan Isaac bobblehead, Magic T-shirt and Magic face covering for $39.95 (includes tax and shipping) with proceeds to benefit Project Life and Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida. The bundle is currently available for purchase through the Magic team app or at OrlandoMagic.OrderNext.com.

Food insecurity, which means someone consistently lacks enough food for a healthy life, is one of the top issues facing Central Floridians, according to the latest Community Health Needs Assessment. That assessment, conducted by AdventHealth and other local health care providers, shows that nearly one-third of those surveyed said they lacked access to high quality, affordable, healthy food.

Not having access to healthy, nutritious foods can have significant long-term impacts on health. It can impact children’s performance in schools, and lead to chronic conditions like diabetes or heart disease.

Over the years, events like natural disasters, 9/11 and the Great Recession have had serious impacts on food insecurity, but Second Harvest Food Bank of Central Florida says nothing in recent history compares to COVID-19. According to “Map the Meal Gap 2020,” a national survey conducted by Feeding America, the number of Central Floridians who are food insecure will likely rise by 49% this year.

The Magic are continuing their support of Second Harvest and Project Life. Magic forward Jonathan Isaac is a sponsor of Project Life’s COVID-19 Ready, Set, Feed program, which provides free meals daily to families in need. In addition to providing necessary supplies, Isaac assisted in handing out the food and other items to families. Also, back in April, the Magic announced that the DeVos family, owners of the team, contributed $50,000 to Second Harvest Food Bank and the Magic’s longtime partner, Papa John’s, donated up to 50 percent of each online order they received from April 21-May 20 to Second Harvest.

Source: Orlando Magic

Photo courtesy Orlando Magic

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