Ocala To Be Home To Biosysco’s New Equine Medical Technology Division

The Ocala/Marion County Chamber & Economic Partnership (CEP) joins Enterprise Florida and the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity today in announcing that Biosysco, a life-sciences company, will locate its new equine medical technology division in Ocala. The company will initially locate offices on the CEP’s Power Plant Business Incubator campus.

“Biosysco is extremely pleased to become part of the Ocala and Florida business community,” said Steve Schmidt, Partner, BioSysco. “We believe this is the perfect fit for the development of our equine medical therapy division. As the Horse Capital of the world, Ocala offers us worldwide access to industry resources and we are excited about the growth opportunities for our equine medical division”.

Biosysco is a life science technology company that has developed a proven, patented, proprietary, medical therapy solution for humans and animals called SigmaQ. SigmaQ activates and restores muscle damage at a neurological level, non-invasively and without drugs. Biosysco utilizes its SigmaQ platform to identify and develop therapy solutions for multiple industries. Biosysco currently has offices in Chicago and London.

“Florida is proud to be the home of new advancements in the equestrian industry,” said Governor Ron DeSantis. “We are excited to welcome Biosysco to our great state and wish them all the success.”

“The City of Ocala is pleased to welcome BioSysco and their equine medical technology division to Ocala,” said City of Ocala Mayor Kent Guinn. “Congratulations on your expansion into the equine industry and for making an investment into our thriving business community. We are thankful you have chosen Ocala as your new home and wish you continued success as you develop technology to serve the growing equestrian needs of our area. We are looking forward to a very bright future for this company.”

“Biosysco’s expansion into Florida is a considerable achievement for the development of Florida’s economy,” said Jamal Sowell, President & CEO of Enterprise Florida, Inc. “Florida is proving to be a pioneer in the growth of the life sciences industry.”

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“Second-stage company recruitment is a new area of focus at the CEP,” said Angie Lewis, Chair of the CEP Board of Directors. “We are excited to welcome BioSysco to Ocala. We look forward to attracting more of these high-growth companies as we continue to further diversify our local economy.”

To learn more about Biosysco, visit their website at http://www.Biosysco.com.

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