What You Should Know If You’re Planning On A Labor Day Weekend At Volusia County Beaches

While many are expected to flock to the shore this weekend for the last holiday of the summer season, beachgoers are reminded that COVID-19 is still a concern in Volusia county. Residents and visitors heading to the beach must continue to park at a post, maintain physical distancing and avoid congregating in large groups. With on-beach parking limited to ensure distancing can be maintained, vehicular access ramps may temporarily close due to capacity. Those planning to park on the beach should arrive early.

Beach Ramps

All in-season vehicular beach access ramps will be open to vehicles for beach parking from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. Mid-morning high tides may force the closure of some ramps. If using beach parking, vehicles must park at a blue post or conservation post, which are placed at 25 foot intervals. To avoid crowds and easily maintain physical distancing, beachgoers are encouraged to access the beach in a less-populated area. Free, off-beach parking lots are located on the coast throughout the county. For information on off-beach parking and vehicle access ramps, visit Volusia.org/beachmap or download the Volusia Beaches app.

Beach Safety
There is a risk of rip currents this weekend, and beachgoers should always swim in front of a staffed lifeguard tower. Afternoon thunderstorms are also forecasted, which bring the risk of lightning. Beachgoers are reminded to exit the water and seek shelter in the case of thunder.

Beach clean-up
Holiday weekends and increased beach attendance often leads to increased litter. Beachgoers should always leave the beach as clean, or cleaner, than they found it. Trash and recycle cans are placed at regular intervals along the beach. Environmentally friendly trash bags are available upon request at toll booths and from the beach litter team. Porter services will canvas both the beach and coastal parks to assist with the collection of trash, empty trash and recycle cans, and clean restroom facilities.

After a day at the beach, flatten sandcastles, fill in holes, and take chairs and equipment home; do not leave any tents, chairs or other materials on the beach overnight. This is an easy way to reduce obstacles faced by nesting sea turtles and hatchlings.

For more information, follow Volusia County Beaches on Facebook and Twitter, download the free Volusia Beaches app from the Goggle Play or Apple App Store, or visit www.volusia.org/beach.

Source: Volusia County News Release


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