South Florida Library Seeks Creative Submissions To Document Living In The COVID-19 Era

Are you a writer? Are you a painter? What are your creative talents? How has COVID-19 affected you? Everyone agrees we are living in exceptional times and we’re all facing it in our own way. Broward County Library wants to know. And they don’t just want to know, they want to assemble all of this creativity and all of these emotions and share it with the world. They want whatever it is you have to offer!

Broward County Library Launches New South Florida COVID-19 Project

Creative contributions for COVID-19 capsule sought from residents

South Floridians of all ages are invited to share their COVID-19 experiences by submitting original work to the South Florida COVID-19 Project being assembled by Broward County Library.

In the interest of supporting the community, Broward County Library is gathering material for the South Florida COVID-19 Project, creating a capsule for residents to share their unique work and COVID-19 experience. The library hopes to capture a diverse range of submissions that reflect how the pandemic has impacted the local economy, culture, behavior and values. The capsule as a historical record will memorialize this unique time for future generations.

Journal entries, poems, drawings, music, videos, photos and other media are welcome for consideration in this historic South Florida archive. The submission process is free and requires little time to upload. All materials may be submitted electronically at the South Florida COVID-19 Project web page.

While there is no limit to the number of submissions, creatives are encouraged to be selective. Project guidelines require that the work be original; all rights to the work be owned by the contributor; a short description accompany the work; and that content be appropriate for all ages.

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SOURCE Broward County Libraries

BROWARD COUNTY, Fla., Sept. 3, 2020 /PRNewswire


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