Opinion: Another Day Goes By Continuing To Ignore The Obvious

For years now, I have advocated for and about another branch of service that I think is much needed in the United States. We have the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines, Coast Guard and the National Guard that are for the most part, totally dedicated to defending our country from war and military threats. And, except for what seems to be our own desire to be involved in war, we rarely use these branches of service for much more. We are so concerned with the attacks and defense of other nations and other armies, that we (in my opinion) are blind to very real threats all around us here at home.

So what about domestic threats – in particular, non-military domestic threats? What about the horrendous fires now burning in western states? What about the many tornadoes that happen EVERY YEAR all over the county? What about the major hurricanes and floods that are inevitable? Are these not major threats to the well being of our nation? In one year, in the last month, there has been more harm done to the United States in California, Oregon and Washington than has taken place all over the world in the same amont of time. More loss of life, more loss of assets, more loss of money, more heart ache has occurred than anything or anywhere else. Why do we not put forth a true effort to defend these events? Why do we just let FEMA react with a check when it is all said and done?

These threats are very real! These events happen in America almost every day of every year. And many times, these events happen simultaneously in different parts of the country. We somehow think that small towns and small governments have the resources to handle a major crisis. If a tornado, flood or hurricane destroys one of these towns, there is no plan in place to pick up all of the pieces. The real resources needed to respond effectively just don’t exist. We watch the news, maybe donate a few bucks, and figure oh well, they’ll be ok. However, many times it is years before these locations recover. Sometimes, they never truly do. We happily spend billions of dollars on military efforts while year after year and day after day, many of our citizens suffer unbelievable circumstances. Economies are devastated. Homes and businesses are lost. Lives are lost and destroyed.

The fact of the matter, we can do better. We could and should have a branch of service to help in these often sudden and unexpected times of need. Do we really need a Space Force? Couldn’t that be a part of the Air Force? Do we have a clear and present need for another important branch of service? I say we do.

What we really need is a Disaster Force. We need more people trained as fire fighters and fire fighting assets that can be sent to area’s in need quickly and efficiently. We know these fires happen mostly in the western states, so have a “Disaster Base” for fire prevention in the western U.S. (We have Military Bases all over the country – but no wars all over the country.) We know most tornadoes happen in middle America, so have a “Disaster Base” for helping tornado ravaged cities and towns in that part of the country. We need people trained in search and rescue and we need heavy equipment that can be dispersed fast to help pick up the pieces. Floods, hurricanes… you should be getting the picture now. We have the know-how but we just don’t use it. We have the need, but we ignore it.

The army can build a temporary bridge in hours in war conditions overseas but I’ve seen people on the wrong side of a washed out creek in West Virginia wait month’s or even years for a way to cross the water. We can’t build a temporary bridge in our own country to help our own people? We have countless fighter jets and helicopters prepared for war but hardly any aircraft to fight the fires destroying millions of acres of land, as well as peoples homes and businesses. We expect small towns to have the people and equipment to dig out from under these disastrous situations. Are these events not a threat to our citizens as much as war or terrorism? Is this not a threat to our economy and well being? Of course it is.

The one single resource we seem not to be in short supply of is the lack of good judgement (aka stupidity). We seem to have plenty of that. And, as another day goes by, we continue to ignore the obvious.

By Jerry Borich, Mid Florida Now


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