PM Workforce Expanding, Bringing Jobs To Orlando And Four More Florida Cities

PM Workforce, the Texas Leader in Multifamily Leasing, Announces 5-City Florida Expansion Plans To Create Over 100 New Jobs

PM Workforce, the Multifamily Industry’s first and only leasing management firm, has begun its’ expansion  this month into the following major five Florida cities: Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Tampa and Orlando. PM Workforce has plans to create over 100 new jobs in Florida by the end of 2021.

Florida’s accelerated population growth makes it a prime location for PM Workforce expansion. The company specializes in recruiting, training, testing, certifying and outsourcing its’ team of leasing professionals to the Multifamily industry.

With 8,000 new apartments now under construction in Orlando alone, PM Workforce will start there to provide its’ outsource professional leasing services to include:  conventional, tax credit, lease-up, acquisition, disposition, senior living, student housing, all with bi-lingual leasing professionals available. From Orlando, PM Workforce will next expand into Tampa, and soon thereafter, into Miami, Fort Lauderdale, and West Palm Beach.

PM Workforce’s newly launched booking & payment mobile app will help facilitate its’ growth in Florida and allow its’ clients to immediately hire short or long term leasing professionals at the touch of their fingertips, 24/7/365.

Reach thousands of people throughout Central Florida.

“PM Workforce Clients have experienced great success with our outsourced leasing services in Texas, including the cities of Houston, San Antonio,  Dallas, Ft. Worth and Austin. We have consistently increased properties’ revenues, decreased expenses, brought new value to the properties and provided greater control, stability and efficiency with our on-demand leasing labor,” states CEO Peter Roisman.

PM Workforce’s talent acquisition team has already started its’ recruiting efforts to identify talented individuals looking to start a new career in the leasing profession. The PMW Training Program is extremely selective and its’ trainees are paid to “Learn and Earn.”

About PM Workforce

PM Workforce (PMW) is the first and only stand-alone Leasing Management Company serving the Multifamily industry. PMW hires, trains, tests, certifies and outsources its’ team of Leasing Professionals to maximize leasing revenues, cut costs and reduce stress on property management operations.


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