Florida Physician And Musician V. Tiarrá Releases Her Newest Hit Video For Her Single “Digital Love”

DIGITAL LOVE by Physician and Musician V. Tiarrá Released Highlighting Relationships In The Digital Age

R&B Fusion Artist V. Tiarrá just released her newest hit video for her single, “Digital Love,” just as her prior single, “Batter Up,” a lyrical critique to the many issues U.S. Citizens face as politicians “politick” and use their constituents for their own political power, was featured at the 2020 Democratic Party of Miami-Dade’s Blue Gala.

In the rhythmic “Digital Love,” V. Tiarrá, wants to spread her message that although technology is a popular and common means of connecting in this digital age, it may in fact make us more distant. Instead of being able to obtain true connection from other people, we are often left asking questions to artificial intelligence. V. Tiarrá playfully asks throughout the song, “Siri, do you love me?”

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In the just released, colorful and fun “Digital Love” music video,  V. Tiarrá makes her point of (dis)connection through the journey of dating using an online dating app. Online dating can be a serious rollercoaster of highs and lows of technology’s psychological effects, which are oftentimes programmed to toy with our minds for greater devotion and alliance to the “method” and “application” made to find your true love.

Telling the story of a typical relationship, V. Tiarrá goes on to highlight the ups and downs and darker side of online dating. She speaks to the quickly changing beginning and end where “just like magic…when the stars and the moon will show love….All I need is connection / some real love in this digital world” highlights the height of emotions and hope, until paranoia and disappointment leads to “Siri, do you love me / You used to act like you kinda cared / But now there’s no love for me… Siri, do you love me / if you do, would you let me know.”

According to Pew Research, 30% of U.S. Adults say they have used an online dating site or app. 45% of users felt more frustrated than the 28% that reported feeling more hopeful. All the while, 60% of women aged 18-34 say someone on a dating site or app continued to contact them after they said they were not interested, while 57% of these women report being sent a sexually explicit message or image they didn’t ask for.

Tiarrá’s lyrics hit home when she asks of ‘Siri’ early in the song “How about a little affection / A soft touch in this cold, hard world”, and shortly thereafter follows up with “People just want attention / By any means / Just give them a mention” where she questions our alliance, ego and relationships as we trade our health, safety and mental health, for “pics on the gram” and “social distance in the club / masks off” all the while having “Siri on the table /That’s love.”

Tiarrá critically questions our society and dating norms where perfection and lofty goals dominate mindset, and everyone is easily disposed of with a simple swipe. Many, within the online dating community, give mere seconds to connect, rather than the hours, days and weeks genuine relationships take to form.

Tiarrá as a physician and healthcare professional can understand the complex and long-term effects of new technology. She wants to bring light to the many cultural and societal issues prevalent in today’s digital world.

If you or someone you know is in need of mental health services and doesn’t know where to start you are not alone. The National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, 800-273-8255, is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and SAMHSA Treatment Referral Helpline, 1-877-SAMHSA7, is available Monday-Friday 8 am-8 pm EST.

Tiarrá has been featured in countless publications, including but not limited to, Newsbreak, The North Dallas Gazette, The Sun-Sentinel, Medium, The Hype Magazine, Sawgrass Sun and Rive Video. Further, V. Tiarrá partners with Headcount, a non-partisan organization that uses the power of music to register voters and promote participation in democracy.

Tiarrá Bio

Tiarrá came to life in 2018. She found her way back to music after a long break, by first pursuing a career in medicine as a physician. She currently works as a Medical Director practicing in South Florida where she can support her hometown and current community. Music has helped V. Tiarrá heal from illness, and helped her find her true inner voice. Her style is a smart and soulful R&B/hip hop/pop mix. V. Tiarrá loves to write lyrics that reflect on the social conditions of the world, ranging from politics, money, feminism, to love. She was born and raised in South Florida.

MIAMI, Fla., Sept. 22, 2020 (SEND2PRESS NEWSWIRE)


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